What We Offer?

Help you get the perfect pellet based on customer’s raw materials. It means you will get the unique moulds/Dies. How to get this unique moulds/Dies, based on the huge of testing results, we have our own R&D department that they are in charge of this matter to be sure satisfied with every customer. ...

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Right Machines or Programs

Offer Right machine is the first thing we must do because of right machine can bring right product and help the customer get more money. Offer the valued information to the customer such as the reference running plant, Pictures of existed equipments, the clearly flow chart etc ...

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The Quick Response

After-sale service is the most important things after the customer got the machines. We know good after-sale service is better than cheapest price. We are sure contact you by phone within the next 48 hours to answer any problems you met ...

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Biomass Pelletizing Plant

Small capacity pellet line

Small occupied area, it can put on the trailer to the place you want to. Low cost with high working efficiency. Dust collector help the operator in a safe working environment.

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Medium-sized capacity pellet line

This plant was set up in several places already. It has its unique magnetically to attractive the person who want to set up a small industrial factory for making pellet.

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Large capacity pellet line

Set up an Industrial purpose pellet plant or not is depend on the customer has the enough raw materials and bright future market. Humanization Designing and perfect pellets is our aim in the designing.

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