feedstuff pellet mill

This pellet machine has advanced ring die and pressing rollers, there are two kinds of driven. One is transmission system adopts dual motor as drive and V-band as conveyor. One is Gear Driven.

But they are both have features in less area occupied, uniform stress, simple structure and is easy to maintain. You can change the motor or the ring die to meet the different needs from production capacity specification, which shows its excellent performance in technology and economic benefit.

Feedstuff Pellet Mill with two kinds of driven
Double Belts Driven
Double belts Driven
Gear Driven
Gear Driven

Technical Data
Name of commodity Model Capacity (t/h) Power (KW)
Pellet mill SZLH25 1~2 7.5*2+2.2+0.75
SZLH35 2-7 55+2.2+0.75
SZLH 42 4-14 110+5.5+1.5
SZLH 508 5-20 132/160