250-350kg/h wood pellet production line

Pellet production has been a popular trend nowadays. For large plants, they use large scale pellet making line. For small farms, small scale ones are more preferable. Luckily, we, GEMCO, has developed a new type 250-350kg/h wood pellet production line to meet market demand.
250-350kg/h wood pellet production line

This wood pellet production line can also be called mobile wood pellet line, since all necessary equipments such as hammer mill, cyclone separator, material mixing & storage bin, screw feeder, ZLSP-300B R-type pellet machine, water tank, vibrating screen, bucket conveyor and electric cabinet are settled on one foundation frame. Therefore, it can be move to anywhere you want.
What’s more, because of its small capacity of 250 to 350kg/h, it is also a mobile small wood pellet plant.

Raw materials:

this mobile wood pellet production line can not only process wood chips and sawdust, but also biomass materials like stalk, straw, hay, peanut shell, sunflower husk, etc.

Technical parameter of this mobile wood pellet production line:

Model MPL300
Pellet diameter 6-12mm
Capacity 250-350kg/h
Pellet density 1.1-1.3t/m3
Moisture content of raw material ≤8%
Overall size (L*W*H) 3500*1960*3500mm

The photo below shows how this mobile wood pellet production line works

process of mobile wood pellet production line

Features of MPL300 mobile small wood pellet production line

1. Crushing system: Hammer mill

  • Adopts high-carbon alloy steel blades, high speed crushing system
  • Two safety locks are employed on both sides of the cover
  • Fence is adopted to prevent over-sized materials from entering the crushing chamber

2. Material mixing and storage bin

Two portholes on both sides for monitoring and observation; Volume is 1m3.

3. Screw feeder

The feeding capacity can be adjusted stably to assure sufficient material supply and avoids surplus feedstock, thus guarantees the perfect working condition of pellet machine.
Pellet machine

4. Pellet Machine

ZLSP300B (or ZLSP400B) R-type pellet machine (rotating roller type) are adopted to guarantee better result of wood pellet production.ZLS-300B R-type pellet machine

Model ZLSP300R ZLSP400R
Wood Pellet Capacity 250-350kg/h 350-450kg/h
Packing Size (mm) 1350*750*1400 1400*800*1450
Motor Power (kw) 22 30
N.W./G.W. (kg) 540/575 770/810
Diameter of pellets (mm) 6-12
Material of flat die &roller Alloy steel
Service life of flat die & roller Min. 800 hours
  • High quality alloy steel
  • Main shaft allocates with heavy load thrust bearing to bear stronger axial force, and has longer service life.
  • All of the bearings use fully sealed structure to prevent dust; improves the work environment of bearings and extend the service life of bearings.
  • The wear-resistant process is made on the roller and flat die, and both sides of flat die can be used to extend the use life.

5. Vibrating screen

  • Remove & Collect the dust and powder for reuse by the transmission of pneumatic conveying unit
  • Cool the pellets simultaneously

6. Scraper conveyor

Schneider Electric componentsThe height and length of this conveyor can be extended by adding and connecting one extra section. There are five positioning joints at the end of the conveyor; you can adjust the height and angle of the conveyor easily. Two φ100mm soft pipes are connecting to cool the pellets.

7. Electronic control system

  • Compact control cabinet, with dust prevention design
  • Adopts high quality Schneider Electric Brand Electric Components

With this new type 250-350kg/h wood pellet production line, you don't need to worry about the quality of pellets. The pellets made by this mobile pellet plant has good shape, high density, smooth surface, longer burning time. You do not need to worry about finding a special large space for settling it. It totally takes a room of 7M3.

If you are planning to set up your own wood pellet plant but only have a little space, this mobile wood pellet production line is your best choice.