500-800kg/h sawdust pellet mill line

500-800kg/h sawdust pellet mill line is your ideal choice for making biomass pellets for individual use and testing pellets market. This small sawdust pellets making line mainly contains screw conveyor, ZLSP 550B pellet mill, and GMC-LQSF50 integrated cooling screen for pellets.
We can also customize different capacities of pellets production line according to your specific requirements.
500-800kg/h sawdust pellet mill plant

Part One: Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyor is mainly used to transport all kinds of powders of raw materials for making pellets. It is also very popular in conveying semi-finished product and finished product in industries of food and feed. In this small sawdust pellet mill line, moveable screw conveyor is used.
Technical Parameter of Moveable Screw Conveyor

Motor Type Motor Power Dimension (mm) Packing Size (mm) Weight Loading Capacity Lifting Height
YVP90L-4 1.5kw 2490*610*2110 2800*850*740 180kg 1000kg/h 1500mm


Part Two: ZLSP 550B Pellet Mill
ZLSP 550B pellet mill is flat die designed and roller-turned, which means that a series of rollers (actually 3 rollers) are on the horizontal flat die, and the rollers rotate while the die is stationary when making pellets.
The die and rollers of ZLSP 550B pellet mill are made of superior alloy steel. They are processed by heat treatment, thus their hardness can be over HRC50, which guarantees the machine’s stable continuous work and prolongs its service life.
550 pellet mill
Technical Parameter of ZLSP550B Pellet Mill

Type Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Dimension (mm)
ZLSP550B Three phases 55 Sawdust 500-800 3500 2300*750*1850


Part Three: GMC-LQSF50 Integrated Cooling Screen for Pellets
GMC-LQSF50 integrated cooling screen for pellets is specially designed for cooling and separating pellets (both biomass and feed pellets) from debris and dust. It is mainly composed of cylinder cooling sieve and dust collecting bag.
Technical Parameter of GMC-LQSF50 Integrated Cooling Screen

Type Capacity (kg/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
GMC-LQSF50 350-400 0.75 175 1580*680*945
Dust Collecting Bag
Dust collecting bag is mainly used to collect debris and dust via its induced draft fan. It can effectively reduce dust’s density in the air, and ensure the cleaness of working environment.