mechanical stamping briquette line

Video of How Mechanical Stamping Briquette Line Make Pellets And Briquettes

φ8mm Pellets Briquette Line

φ70mm Briquettes Briquette Line

Complete Mechanical Stamping Briquette Line

Briquette line with belt conveyor Briquette press with  Belt conveyor
Briquette line with screw conveyor Briquette press with screw conveyor

Technical Parameters:
Model GC-MBP-1000 Briquette Line
(1) Feeding conveyor
(2) Feeding hopper
(3) Briquetting press
(4) Electric control panel
capacity 800-1000KG/HR
Corn cob: 1T/H       Corn straw: 0.8 T/H
Cotton straw: 1T/H    Sawdust: 1T/H
Peanut straw: 0.8 T/H  Peanut shell: 1T/H
Power (kw) Total: 61.5KW
Main machine: 45KW
Size of raw material 5-50mm
Moisture of material: 10~25%
Size of final briquettes/Pellets φ70/φ30/φ22/φ10/φ8
Density of briquettes 0.8-1.2 g/cm3
Moisture of briquettes <=12%
Overall dimension(mm) L3500×W1800×H1700
Total weight 8000KG
Workers needed 2 workers just for briquette press
Power consumption 40 degrees electricity/ton (excluding crushing)
Floor space 80 Square meters(including hopper and conveyor)
Container stuffing On 20’ container

The Key Equipment: Mechanical Stamping Briquette Machine

Changing different pressure die can produce different size of fuel  rods(φ70mm/φ30mm) and pellets fuel (φ8mm/φ10mm/φ22mm). And it is convenient to change and 30minutes will achieve the replacement of mold.

Mechanical Pellet Machine
The pellet making machine after changing pellet mold
Mechanical Briquette Machine
The biomass briquette press after changing rods mold

Yield details with different mold(sawdust moisture content 15%, size: 3-5mm)
Mold Size φ8mm φ10mm φ22mm φ30mm φ70mm
Holes 61 37 7 4 1
Capacity(kg) 950 900 820 880 1200

Finished Products:

Diameter 8mm-22mm pellets 
8mm pellets
10mm pellets
22mm pellets

 Diameter 30-70mm briquettes
30mm briquettes
30mm briquettes
70mm briquettes
70mm briquettes
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