Standards of Good Biomass Pellets

The reason why biomass pellets are popular

Biomass pellets are made from agricultural and forestry waste, such as corn stalks, straw, wheat bran, grass, sawdust and so on. With the help of a wood pellet mill, these wastes were pressed into small pellets and burned as biofuels. Nowadays, due to the serious pollution caused by the combustion of coal, oil, and other fuels, wood pellets have been widely used as a clean and environmentally friendly fuel. Wood pellets have high thermal efficiency, low pollutant emissions, small size, light weight, and are easy to store and transport.
Since wood pellets are very popular around the globe, especially in Europe and the United States, more and more people are starting to take wood pellet business as one of the means to make money. Pellet production and trading have spread all over the world. Therefore, it is increasingly important to identify good pellets. In general, we can determine the quality of pellets from these points: heat, density, ash content, combustion ratio, moisture content, etc.
Among these criteria, combustion ratio and ash content are more important. In the biomass pellet market, high quality pellets refers to those with low ash content and high density. And generally the moisture content of good pellets should be under 10%.
High-density pellets are less affected by the transport and have a high combustion efficiency. When a good quality pellet is produced, it has a smooth surface and few cracks. If the wood pellets are fluffy and easily cracked, that means they have too much moisture or are not fully compressed.
When the high-quality pellets are cooled, the surface should be smooth, especially the sawdust pellets. Another important feature is the pellets’ hardness. You can hit the particles with a hard object to see if they break. The length of wood pellets is not a critical factor, but excessively long pellets can cause stove damage.
 Biomass pellets process

Advantages of GEMCO pellets

  • Our wood pellet mills can produce biomass pellets with a density of 1.1-1.3ton/m3, which greatly decreases biomass volume and saves storage area.
  • The wood pellets made by our pellet mill have smooth surface and good appearance, which represent high quality, and so they can be sold at higher price.
  • The diameters of these biomass pellets are ranged from 6-12 mm, they could be customized by the user.
  • High quality final pellets: The intensity, thickness, length, etc are strictly standardized.
  • No dust , No smoke, No CO. They are completely clean energy.
If you are interested in pellets or if you want some pellets for home-use, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can offer you the best wood pellet mills to produce biomass pellets!